For 25 years, MAK Commercial Properties has steadily sustained and increased value in properties. Since we commenced operations in 1995, our strategy has been to acquire commercial multi-tenant properties with quantifiable upside potential in smaller to medium locations using 65-75% bank leverage. Our management team can increase occupancy, expense reimbursement, and lease rates to market levels.

We have strong relationships on the ground with locals in the regions where we own properties. We can easily add new investments into our portfolio seamlessly. Our management staff has designed systems and accounting templates to take on new properties efficiently. Our investment structure provides an attractive preferred return to our investors paid monthly and a share in excess cash flow generated above preferred return payments.

In total, over $405,000,000 of multi-family, office, and retail shopping centers were acquired. Currently, the MAK Commercial Properties' portfolio consists of over 1.2 million square feet comprised of 15 properties located in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, the US Virgin Islands, and California. The shopping centers currently under our firm's domain include retail strip and neighborhood shopping centers in the Las Vegas region of Nevada and Midland/Odessa, San Antonio, and Waco areas of Texas. The stabilized valuation of the MAK Commercial Properties' current portfolio is in excess of $135,000,000 with an Equity of $55,000,000.

Our Team

Mark Kaufman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Kaufman has been involved in the syndication, management, renovation, financing, development, and disposition of real estate since 1984. Mark was featured on the cover of Money magazine in March 1985 for the successful investment and rehabilitation of single-family homes in Los Angeles. During the 1980s, Mark Kaufman also developed an eleven luxury townhouse project in West Hollywood, a 30,000 square foot office building in downtown San Bernardino, extensive earthquake renovations of sixteen units in Sherman Oaks. He also successfully entitled shopping center sites in Rancho Cucamonga and low-income multi-family projects in Los Angeles during this period.

In the mid-1990’s Mark began syndicating real estate investments starting with smaller apartment buildings in the Los Angeles region. Over the ensuing years, the enterprise expanded its focus from smaller residential local acquisitions to larger projects across several states and medium-sized commercial, primarily retail, properties. 

MK Property Management Services, LLC, an entity that Mark Kaufman is the Owner of, currently manages all of these properties in some cases with
co-management from local real estate professionals.

Jill Pulido

Tenant Relations VP
Jill’s responsibilities include oversight of tenant collections, lease management and renewals, fielding tenant communications including resolution of issues with their physical spaces and verifying accounting systems reflect current accurate lease information. Pulido also is the primary liaison for investors and makes sure monthly reporting materials are prepared and distributed correctly.

Nancy Taylor

Asset Management VP
Nancy's responsibilities include vendor management, including mortgage interfacing, preparation of reserve release lender requests, and verification of payables. Taylor is also responsible for coordinating annual tax filing with the CPA as well as making sure corporate status is current with the various government agencies.

Beverly Lange

Accounting Secretary
Beverly Lange's responsibilities include administrating payroll, accounting, and residential oversight. Lange also handles internal banking administration.

Philip Kaufman

Part-time Assistant to Tenant & Investor Relations
Philip Kaufman's responsibilities include managing tenant insurances, filing paperwork and taxes, and communicating with investors, financiers, and brokers.